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Estonian Defence League

- 1 year ago

The Estonian Defence League (Estonian: Eesti Kaitseliit) is the name of the unified paramilitary armed forces of the Republic of Estonia. The Defence League is a paramilitary defence organization whose aim is to guarantee the preservation of the ...

Estonia recruits volunteer army of 'cyber warriors'

- 2 years ago

The country's reserve force, the Estonian Defence League, has a Cyber Unit consisting of hundreds of civilian volunteers, including teachers, lawyers and economists. The Baltic nation of 1.3 million people is one of the most technologically advanced in the ...

Call For The Establishment Of A Volunteer 'Australian Cyber Corps' To Defend 'Cyber Space'

- 9 months ago

A "cyber reserve force", similar to the Cyber Defence Unit of the Estonian Defence League, would essentially be a "neighbourhood watch" for "cyber space" set up under the Minister for Communications consisting of a Director General and 100 volunteers.

'The Russians are coming': Baltic nations prepare for war

- 2 months ago

The 13,000-strong Estonian Defence League composed of men and women holds regular training and was raised to complement the nation's armed forces. Its members learn basic weapons training, first aid and survival training. In case of Russian invasion ...

Cybersecurity Is Childsplay

- 1 year ago

The school is working with its partners from the University of Tartu and voluntary national organization, the Estonian Defence League, in developing the next courses, which cover the basics of Internet security, digital security, cryptography, and an ...

Latvian national guards to drill for urban warfare in Estonia

- 1 year ago

From December 4 to December 6 the National Guard will participate in the international exercise Orkaan 10, organized by the Estonian Defence League (Kaitseliit), BNS reported Friday. A total of 178 Latvian National Guard will take part in the exercise.

Hacking the Presidential Election: The Dimensions of Russian Interference

- 6 months ago

Patrik completed mandatory military service in the Estonian Defence Forces as a sergeant and squad leader, and continues to serve on a voluntary basis in the Estonian Defence League. He holds a double-B.A. in Philosophy and Political Science from the ...

Nervous in Narva: a town caught between East and West

- 3 months ago

But on this cold winter morning it looks as if history is back. The Estonian Defence League has mounted a machine gun on the battlements of Hermann Castle, in a mirror image of events in the second World War, and is blasting off blanks towards Ivangorod ...

Estonian Defence League

- 25 years ago

Defense League membership as an active member is open to Estonian citizens 18 years and over. Non-citizens may be supporting members and honorary members. The 2013 to 2022 defense development plans calls for the voluntary forces' membership to double to ...

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